What is the SACE CPTD system?

The South African Council for Educators (SACE) is mandated to play a key role in the continuing professional development of the country’s educational workforce. This mandate is fulfilled through the implementation and management of the Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) System.

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You need to sign up with SACE CPTD before you can start earning your CPTD points.

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How does it work?

According to legislation, all South African educators (principals and deputy principals, heads of department and teachers) are required to earn 150 professional development (PD) points over a three year cycle.

Professional development points can be achieved by performing SACE endorsed activities, each of which has a predetermined point allocation. Participation is aimed at deepening the knowledge of educators, refining their skills and promoting career development at all levels.


Professional development points can be achieved by performing SACE endorsed activities, each of which has a predetermined point allocation.

Why is learndirect South Africa the best way to earn SACE CPTD points?

As a national first, learndirect South Africa provides an e-learning solution to earning recognised CPTD points. With learndirect South Africa, the upskilling process is:


A number of learndirect South Africa online activities have been assessed and deemed appropriate by SACE. Participants will be awarded predetermined CPTD points for each respective online activity.


Participants in learndirect South Africa’s e-learning do not incur travel costs to any specialist training centre. Each activity is set at a cost-effective rate with no other resources required, beyond a reliable internet connection and some spare time.


Our activities go far beyond reading onscreen information. Activities are interactive, requiring participants to type in answers, watch videos, use headsets and complete summative and formative assessments. The skills learnt are therefore impactful as career advancement and personal development tools.


All our activities are designed for modern living and expend minimum time and effort. The technology allows learners to interact with the content using their headsets and by dragging and dropping elements. Navigate back through the material and repeat components of the activity at any time.


All learndirect South Africa activities are equipped with the latest online technology in order to provide participants with a holistic e-learning experience that is professional and the first of its kind in South Africa.

How will you be rewarded?

Upon completion of your SACE endorsed activities through learndirect South Africa, all your earned points will be reported to SACE and added to your Personal PD Points Account (PPDPA), which would have been created during the sign-up process. At the end of every three year cycle, a Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to each educator according to a three tier system:










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