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Services for Schools

The Get SACE Team assists schools across South Africa in getting SACE and CPTD compliant. We offer a variety of services and tailor-make a solution for your school.

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Services for Educators

The Get SACE Team assists educators with all their SACE & CPTD administration, be it SACE Registration or our CPTD Management Service.

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SACE Accreditation

The Get SACE Team assists institutions in becoming a SACE Provider and assesses the Activity Profiles prior to submission. We will guide you with the right process.

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What we can do for you

SACE Registration

All educators are required to register with SACE before accepting a teaching position. The Get SACE Team will assist with this stringent process. A consultant will be assigned to each individual case, and a thorough check will be done of all documentation. We will follow up your SACE registration on your behalf after submission.


Police Clearance

All educators applying for SACE registration must issue a Police Clearance with their application. It is suggested by the Council that staff engage with this process on an annual basis. Results will be issued within 48-hours. We have offices in Cape Town, Durban, Pietermartizburg, Gauteng and Port Elizabeth but can assist in other cities too. 



With this service, The Get SACE Team investigates your school and educators with regards to SACE and CPTD compliance. The Team will investigate the schools’ compliance rate as per education department regulations and issue the school with a detailed report and include recommendations.


CPTD School Workshop


During the 45-minute workshop, a Get SACE consultant will explain the journey of CPTD, whilst assisting educators in navigating their CPTD profile on the SACE system.


CPTD Virtual Workshop


During the 45-minute workshop, a Get SACE consultant will explain the journey of CPTD, whilst assisting educators in navigating their CPTD profile on the SACE system.


CPTD Individual Management (1 year)

The Get SACE Team provide a tailored service to assist in reporting CPTD Points. All educators are expected to upload their CPTD Points on a continual basis.


CPTD Individual Management (6 months)

The Get SACE Team provide a tailored service to assist in reporting CPTD Points. All educators are expected to upload their CPTD Points on a continual basis.


Online Courses

We offer a bespoke library of online courses, each with an allocated amount of SACE Professional Development Points to be earned upon completion.


SACE Registration – Document Check

With this service, the Get SACE Team will perform a quality check and ensure that all your documents are correct before submission.


How we can help you

Our clients

University of Cape Town

Simons Town High School

Hermanus High School

Wynberg Boys’ High School

Deutsche International Schule Kapstadt

Grove Primary School

Bay Primary school

CURRO Holdings


DISA Primary School

Christel House

Greenfield Girls’ Primary School

Holy Cross Convent School

Lukhanyo Primary School

Oakhurst Girls’ Primary School

Pro Ed House

Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School

Waldorf School

Camps Bay High School

Elkanah House

Somerset College

Paarl Girls’ High School

Camps Bay Primary School

Purple ZA

The Answer Series

IIE Varsity College

Auburn House

Western Province Preparatory School

SACS School

Groote Schuur High School

Deutsche International Schule Kapstadt

Diocesan School for Girls

Bedford Country School

Nelson Mandela University

IIE Varsity College

Nasruddin Islamic School

Framesby High School

Plett Primary School

Bluff Christian Academy

Northbury Park Secondary School

Ridge Park College

Berea Primary School

St Anne’s Diocesan College

Kloof Pre-Primary School

Clifton School

IIE Varsity College

Hurlyvale Primary School

Knights Preparatory School

Nova Pioneer

Cranfield Aviation Training

Rivonia Primary School

Dansa International College

Tyger Valley College

Pretoria Preparatory School

St Andrew’s School for Girls

Steyn City School

Rietondale Primary School

IIE Varsity College

St John’s College

St Stithians College

Montrose Primary School

Glenstantia Primary School

St Katharine’s School

Growing in Grace Christian School

Hadashah Learning Centre

Phalaborwa Academy School

What others are saying

A very helpful company that is able to process a lot of the SACE admin that teachers don't have time for. They also shared lists of the possible ways in which teachers can earn their points. I even got a certificate for being the teacher with the most SACE points one month!

Moira FilmerHermanus High School

Get SACE Points is just fantastic! They are always very helpful and friendly, and assisted me in getting registered with SACE most efficiently. Highly recommend them.

Andrew KeetonDiocesan School for Girls

Good knowledge of what is expected, easy to follow help provided, friendly and supportive in helping teachers with their SACE points.

Frances VorsterTyger Valley College

Completing the CPTD requirements is complicated at the best of times. GetSACEpoints has helped every step of the way efficiently and quickly. Highly recommended.

Charles Koop

The Get SACE Points team are absolutely amazing. They helped our school upload
our Type 2 points. They uploaded points for each and every one of us and went
back in time and helped us catch up. Now they are just an email away.

Natasha SinghBerea Primary School

Get SACE Points made it a system that can be quite complicated, very convenient and efficient. I am very happy with their service.

James David van BoschWynberg Boys’ High School

I found the process easy and without too much red tape. It helps a lot that it only
took a few days to get it back. I have heard of waiting times in excess of a month to do it the formal route.

Philip SwanepoelNorthcliff House College

I am extremely satisfied with the efficient service from Get SACE points. As I gathered all of my documentation for the process, which was quite daunting, Paige was always professional and
accommodating. She really went out of her way to ensure that everything went smoothly. Thank you, Paige and team for the well-rendered service.

Natalie SaulsNQT from University of Cape Town

It is wonderful working with such an efficient group. Get SACE Points has made keeping track of points for teachers seamless. The Get SACE Points staff are friendly and extremely efficient, starting with the completion of the relevant forms, obtaining police clearance and following up of documents. We would recommend their services.

Lorette de la BatOakhurst Girls’ Primary School

Being a teacher and being part of SACE have been difficult at times. I have been using with our school Get SACE points to load and manage CPTD points and we are all now 100% compliant. Paige and Kim and team have been brilliant.

Piero BothaTyger Valley College

I applied to register with SACE through Get SACE Points and the experience was an extremely positive one. The staff are friendly and helpful. I received my SACE registration certificate swiftly and with no complications whatsoever.

Candysse Vracken

This year has flown by and thanks to you and your team, we are feeling more confident. Thank you for the update- everyone is trying to follow up with their points (challenging to say the least- I am even more grateful for what you did for me!)

Sherrill WagenaarPretoria Preparatory School

Get SACE points have made our lives as teachers very easy. We already got our first points for discipline workshops inhouse. A fellow teacher also struggled to register due to being SACE registered under her maiden name.... and this issue was resolved with one phone call. Staff is super friendly and always willing to help This initiative has made getting the points easy and accessible. Definitely 5 stars!!

Roselle van ZylBluff Christian Academy

Thank you Get SACE Points! You are always quick and helpful to respond. With you, I feel confident that I am on the right track! 🙂

Bridget MalherbeSt Cyprian's School

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was very informative and interesting. The content provided is excellent and the short activities were very useful. The course provided me with resources which I can use not only in my career but also in my life. I have been able to improve my time management skills and it has increased my productivity. The course was an eye-opener for me. I was exceptionally impressed with the course design as well because it was extremely user-friendly.

Zelda ElaminNova Pioneer School

Get SACE Points has streamlined the process of understanding, capturing and earning CPTD points in an effortless and efficient manner. By transferring the responsibility and accountability to the teachers with full support, SACE will achieve the objective of lifelong learning for academic teaching staff. It is a fantastic service offered and has our teachers in a buzz about how to record and earn their points!

Debi HoltmannSt Cyprian's School

Very helpful. I would recommend Get SACE Points for any educator. It is great to have extra assistance in these administrative matters. They also offer very useful online courses to improve classroom skills.

Dayne NelHermanus High School

Thanks for putting the "ACE" back into SACE!!

Hanri BezuidenhoutTyger Valley College

I really enjoyed the courses that I did with Get SACE Points. An added bonus was that I earned CPTD points as their courses are SACE Accredited. They are also now creating a plan so that our school will have a Professional Development plan for 2019.

Ilouise van der MerweHPPS

It was a privilege doing these courses and they helped me be a better teacher.

Nosipho NgabaSiyabulela