How to Sign Up for the SACE CPTD System

The Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) System is the way that the South African Council for Educators (SACE) fulfills its mandate to play a key role in the continuing professional development of the country’s educational workforce.

It’s simple. All South African educators are required to earn 150 professional development (PD) points within a three year cycle. The most convenient and effective way to earn these points is online, by completing the SACE endorsed activities provided by learndirect South Africa. These activities include a range of e-learning programs such as communication skills, team management and leadership development – each has a predetermined point allocation.

If you’re new to the CPTD system and you need to sign up to start earning points, there is a simple process to follow. Watch this video or follow the steps as outlined below.

Step one
Go to the, click on the CPTD tab and choose “CPTD-IS.”


It will take you to the sign-up screen.


Step two
Select “South African Educator” or “Foreign Educator.”


Step three
Enter your details and click “Save.”
You should have been given a SACE registration number from your respective school. This is the number you should enter in the relevant block.


Step four
You will be given a username and password and will be able to log in to the system at this point.


Step five
Login with the details provided and click “Proceed with CPTD sign-up process.”


Step six
You will then have an opportunity to complete a full profile, including your qualifications and personal details.


Step seven
You can now navigate through the self-service portal, update information, report a CPTD-related problem, etc.
Once you have completed the sign-up process, you’ll be ready to start earning CPTD points online. These points can be earned by completing SACE endorsed activities.
Build on your skills as a leader, learn more about health and safety processes, play an active role in advancing your career in education. Click here to view our learndirect SACE endorsed activities and start building a brighter future.

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