Online learning activities to earn SACE CPTD points

Get SACE Points is a specialist online professional development platform that enables schools to design and implement ongoing learning strategies for their staff. We offer a broad range of online activities, each with an allocated amount of SACE Professional Development Points to be earned upon completion

You learn useful phrases for a range of social situations, such as ‘I’ll send you a text message later’ and ‘We won [...]

  • 20hrs
  • 15 CPTD points (Type 3)
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This fun online course will help you to quickly build (and remember!) a wide vocabulary, providing you with an [...]

  • 20hrs
  • 15 CPTD points (Type 3)
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What you’ll need

  • Signed up with SACE CPTD

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Computer or laptop

  • A web browser

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