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Connie Charley | Get SACE Administrative Assistant

A standing ovation for Connie The-Smile-Maker Charley. In most cases, Connie will be one of the first faces you’ll see or first voices you’ll hear when you contact Get SACE. She is the golden string that connects all people and all things – without her, we would be adrift in a sea of obscurity.

Connie made her debut appearance on the Get SACE stage in 2019, and hit the ground running with her outstanding client service and administrative skills. She is also responsible for loading points to the CPTD portfolios of the educators we work with. Connie lives by the axiom that, “you’re never too old to learn,” and invests time and resources into adding to her skillset.

When she’s not making sure that the person on the other end of our line gets exactly what they need, you’ll find Connie spending quality time with her daughter or engrossed in a good TV series.

Connie’s message to South African educators: “What you do every day is nothing short of noble. I salute you all for the integral role you play in educating the young minds of this country. Thank you sincerely for everything you do.”