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Hloni Tsiboli | Get SACE Educational Administrator

A round of applause as we raise the curtain on the ultimate administrative all-rounder. We call her Hloni The-Teacher-Whisperer Tsiboli. Hers is the number you want to have on speed-dial for when that molehill of emails is starting to turn into a mountain, when SACE applications need a whip-crack onto the fast track or when an educator is in dire need of an inside man (or woman) to unlock their CPTD accounts. 

Hloni dreamed of becoming an educator, but her life’s journey took an alternative route and she found herself working in customer service, where she spent several years honing the craft of troubleshooting issues and providing customer support. Eventually; as the fates would have it, she landed at Get SACE and started a whole new journey, helping teachers navigate the SACE CPTD system. 

Nothing offers her more fulfillment than working behind the scenes to empower and inform teachers on their road to professional development. Sometimes it’s little more than a listening ear. Other times, teachers need step-by-step guidance on how to make professional development work for them. Whatever Hloni does, she does it with a willing heart and an open mind, so we couldn’t be more honoured to have her onboard our well-appointed ship. 

As far as inspiration goes, Hloni keeps it short, sweet, but oh-so-sensible: “A negative mind will never give you a positive life.”

So there you have it. The person to call for any problem, big or small, is none other than our very own, Hloni Tsiboli.