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Kearsney MacNeil | Sales and Ops Consultant

And here she is ladies and gentlemen – Kearsney The Fairy Godmother MacNeil, esteemed gatekeeper of everything Get SACE, with the magical ability to turn mountains into molehills. 

Admin hassles? Be gone! CPTD Management? Done and dusted. From streamlining the SACE registration process to getting police clearances signed, sealed and delivered, Kearsney is the wingman schools and teachers never knew they needed.

Before joining Get SACE, she fulfilled the role of a teacher both in South Africa and in Canada where she taught for 5 years. During this time she faced a gauntlet of gruelling challenges from lack of resources and overcrowded classrooms to the pressures of being an educator in an evolving world.

With 14 years of teaching experience under her belt, Kearsney has a unique appreciation for the role that teachers play as the moulders of young minds. Now, in her role at GET SACE, she aims to add value to the lives and careers of South African educators, paving the way for their professional development journeys and making it that much easier to learn, grow and thrive.

When she’s not in the staff rooms of schools, conducting workshops and talking SACE over a good cuppa, you’ll find her perfecting her pas-de-basque or fine-tuning her footwork to the melodic tunes of the Scottish Highlands. As a trained Scottish Highland dancer and an adjudicator, Kearsney has travelled to fascinating places in Scotland, Canada, America and even Russia. 

And somewhere in between these exciting escapades, you’ll find her tucked away behind the pages of a good book or watching a true crime documentary with her feline compadre, Paco the cat. 

As far as words of inspiration go, Kearsney keeps it short and sweet: “You are the greatest project you will ever work on. Take pride in your workmanship and make it a masterpiece.”