Kim Jackson | Operations Coordinator

Behold, Kim The-Juggernaut Jackson. She enters the arena with a solid 15 years of teaching, a Bachelor of Education degree from Stellenbosch University, and the coveted ability to tackle tasks that make even the most talented admin-crunchers cower.

When she joined Get SACE in 2019, she had no idea that her career as an educator would follow the trajectory it has, into a world of systems, processes and a professional development programme that’s designed to help teachers become the best versions of themselves.

Today, she is proud to work in a field that exists at the intersection between teaching and business. It presents a whole new set of challenges, and Kim is here to tackle them head-on. Her role involves ensuring that schools and teachers are CPTD compliant as well as managing the day-to-day operations of Get SACE. We like to think of her as the specialist generalist we simply cannot do without.

Flexibility and adaptability are two words that characterise what Kim does as Operations Coordinator at Get SACE. Today she might be facilitating a workshop, tomorrow she might be in a boardroom with principals in a finance-related meeting. Her role requires her to wear many different hats and she wears them beautifully.

When Kim isn’t at her desk, concocting new plans to take Get SACE to the next level, you can find her being a mom to two beautiful children who’ve taught this teacher more than she ever thought possible. And did we mention she loves exercising? It’s one of the ways she keeps the well-oiled cogs of her brilliant brain turning.

Her message to all teachers is: “Every time you walk into a classroom you are making a difference in someone’s life and impacting their future as individuals. I think you are all incredible people who are passionate beings and who care so deeply about the children you teach. Keep doing what you do.”