Lou Ciolli | Get SACE Registration Consultant

Here she is: Lou The-Superhuman-Senorita Ciolli – the brains and the brawn behind the registration of South African educators with the SACE Professional Development system. There is no clause, no citation, no attachment too complicated for Lou to navigate. She is responsible for making sure that it is smooth sailing for the teachers we assist with the SACE registration process and obtaining a certificate.

Lou joined the fold in 2020 and holds an IMM (Institute of Marketing Management) qualification from Varsity College. The administrative process involved with becoming SACE compliant can sometimes be intimidating – but not for Lou. Her mind is an interlinked network of synapses that fire off innovative solutions, workarounds and explanations for even the most complicated systems.

She joined Get SACE after taking a break from the world of work to raise three young children, who she lovingly raised through their formative years and sent off to school, with lunch boxes and pencil cases in tow. She’s still a full-time mom but working at Get SACE means that she can work in the evenings when the coast has cleared and the three rascals are tucked away safely in bed.

When she’s not tapping away at her keyboard, you’ll find Lou on the beach, exercising in the outdoors, shopping, eating out or nurturing her flair for everything creative. She’s happiest when she’s surrounded by the people she loves – family, friends and everyone in between.

Her message for educators: “Never underestimate the role you play as an educator. The impact you make on the lives of young people, can last a lifetime. Thank you for nurturing our nation.”