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Pelokazi Mlonyeni | Accounts Manager

Enter Pelokazi The-Figure-Fathomer Mlonyeni. Let us stipulate this fact from the onset – there is not a number, not a digit, not a decimal that escapes the scrutiny of Pelokazi. For that, we are grateful.

Pelokazi was cordially invited to enter the secret Get SACE clubhouse in August 2019 (numerous attempts have been made by unnamed individuals to obtain the password from her but thus far she has been an airtight gatekeeper).

As our Accounts Manager, she holds a National Diploma in Financial Management and is currently completing her BCom Degree in Management with Lyceum College.

Bookkeeping, invoicing, reconciliation, debt collection, financial management, budgeting – she does it all, with grace and confidence. If there was ever a Swiss army knife of numbers, she would be it.

When she’s not feverishly typing away, Pelokazi likes to get dressed to the nines and go on solo dates. For her, spending time with others is equally as important as spending time alone to reflect, daydream and find ways to improve and grow.

Her advice to aspiring financial managers: “Don’t depend on one skill alone. From experience, I have found learning people’s skills to be indispensable. Working on my communication skills has opened doors for me and helped me to make valuable connections.”