Sarah Clowes | Professional Development Specialist

Say hello to Sarah The-Challenge-Vanquisher Clowes. Sarah knows the ins and outs of the SACE Professional Development system better than she knows her A, B, C’s (although we need to add that she’s brilliant at teaching little ones their A, B, C’s).

Sarah jumped onboard the Get SACE bandwagon on Monday April 2020. Before she joined the team that’s taking over the world (starting with the professional development space), she volunteered as the festival and resource coordinator for a youth support organisation and taught for 4 years. After that her journey took a 360° turn back to university, where she got her head back in the books and completed her Honours degree. With new, shiny degree in hand, she started NQTSA (Newly Qualified Teachers South Africa) – a support platform for new teachers. Sarah holds a BEd (ECD: Foundation Phase) from UNISA and a BEd Honours degree in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies from WITS.

For Sarah, the professional development sector in South Africa is brimming with opportunities to be creative. In her experience, continuous learning for educators goes far beyond just ticking a box. It’s about personal and professional growth – acquiring knowledge and skills that are crucial to tackling newfound challenges and identifying fresh prospects in the evolving education space.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys trail-running, curling up with a good read and pottering around in the garden. In other words, she is one of those wholesomely productive individuals many of us strive to be. Sarah, we will get there one day.