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Each module is designed to be completed within 15 minutes of study time and they are well structured and designed, with fresh and engaging creative treatments, and utilising a variety of learner interaction and assessment methods.

Active Listening: Active listening is the key to effective communication. It is important to show the speaker that you are listening to them and one way to do this is to use the S.O.L.E.R technique. We will explore the ways in which you can prepare for effective communication and examine both the verbal and non-verbal signals of active listening.

Asking The Right Questions: Questions form part of our everyday lives, but why do we ask them? This module explores the different types of questions and the situations in which they are most effective. We will also look at questions that should be avoided and how to set the scene for effective communication.

Body Language: Body language forms an essential part of communication, with the interpretation of non-verbal signals as important as understanding whats being said. In some cases first impressions are formed without a word being spoken. This module explores the interpretation of body language, eye contact, gestures and facial expressions in everyday communication.

Communication with Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence is your ability to positively manage your own and other people’s feelings during interactions. Emotional Intelligence is a key skill for the modern manager. This module will examine the six steps involved in communicating with emotional intelligence. Carrying out the actions in these six steps will help you to build solid, trustworthy and open relationships with your colleagues.

Effective Meetings: The most common meetings are those which aim to inform, consult, solve problems or make decisions. This module looks at the planning stage, in which you set objectives, create an agenda and decide who will attend the meeting, where it will take place and when. We will also explore some useful hints and tips to make your meeting a success.

Email Etiquette: This module explores sending and replying to emails. We will break down the technical terms and explain the different functions associated with emailing. We will provide you with some useful hints and tips for writing business emails.

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