At Get SACE, our specialised service involves a thorough examination of your school and educators, ensuring adherence to SACE (South African Council for Educators) and CPTD (Continuing Professional Teacher Development) regulations.

Key Elements of the Service:

  • Educator SACE Status Check: We conduct a comprehensive review of the SACE status for each educator within your school.
  • School Compliance Assessment: Our team assesses the school’s compliance rate in alignment with the regulations set forth by the education department.
  • CPTD Profile Verification and Update: We verify and update the CPTD profiles for the school, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Educators’ Points Audit: A meticulous audit is conducted on educators’ points, assessing the recorded points for each year and cycle.
  • Detailed Compliance Report: A comprehensive report on SACE and CPTD compliance is generated, outlining the findings and recommendations.

By choosing our SACE and CPTD Compliance Evaluation service, you empower your school with insights and strategies to foster continuous professional development among educators.

Please note that this audit price is for >50 teachers. If your school has more than 50 teachers, kindly email us.