CPTD Individual Management (1 year)



The Get SACE Team offers a personalised service tailored to teachers, streamlining the process of reporting CPTD Points to SACE and eliminating the hassle of monthly submissions. As part of professional development expectations, educators are required to consistently update their CPTD Points.

Key Features of Our Service:

  1. CPTD Administration: Efficiently handle all administrative tasks related to CPTD, relieving schools of monthly submission challenges.
  2. Educator Profile Creation: We assist in creating and managing educator profiles on the CPTD portal.
  3. Point Submission Assistance: Submit Teacher-Initiated (Type 1) and School-Initiated Points on relevant CPTD profiles.
  4. Points Schedule Guidance: Follow a pre-determined points schedule for Type 1, 2 & 3 activities.
  5. Educational Trends Newsletter: Stay informed with the Get SACE newsletter, providing insights into relevant trends in education.
  6. Continuous Support: Receive ongoing support and guidance on all matters related to CPTD.
  7. Monthly Report with Recommendations: Get a detailed monthly CPTD report, accompanied by valuable recommendations for continuous improvement.
  8. Professional Development Calendar Access: Enjoy access to our interactive Professional Development Calendar, making it easy to acquire CPTD Points.

Simplify your school’s CPTD Points management with our comprehensive service. Contact the Get SACE Team to enhance your professional development journey and effortlessly meet SACE requirements.