Leading & Evaluating Performance


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This course consists of 3 modules:

  • Managing Conflict
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Emotional Intelligence

It equips leader and managers with the skills to resolve conflict by providing effective solutions to the various issues and assists with how one goes about evaluating performance to effectively deliver the pros and cons to team members whilst understanding the emotional intelligence of everyone.

Module One: Managing Conflict

  • Learn to identify the cause of the conflict before trying to mediate it
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts between two individuals at work
  • Explore some strategies that would help restore unity

Module Two: Evaluating Performance

Develop a motivated, high-performance workforce by managing performance with realistic goals and expectations. Plan how to use a performance management cycle to develop, support and engage your employees.

Module Three: Emotional Intelligence

In this course we start by demystifying Emotional Intelligence and show its importance in everyday interactions. We define EQ and why the learner should be interested in enhancing it. We then move on to concentrating on the learner’s self-awareness and introduce the internal aspects of EQ. Next, how to interpret the behaviours of others through using a more sophisticated EQ lens can help get to the bottom of what’s really happening. Then we will look to put it all into practise through two branching scenarios where learners interpret and influence the outcome of two interactive conversations.

5 CPTD Points

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Training Duration

2 Hours