Optimising Time and Efficiency


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This course consists of 3 modules:

  • Time Management
  • Making Presentations Powerful
  • Influencing Teams

The main purpose of this course is to create a space where meetings are effective, presentations are influential and purposeful, and the team is led to work effectively and optimally in the workplace.

Module One: Time Management

Time keeping skills are expressed as a process of moving from objectives to an unfiltered list of activities to a prioritised ToDo list, to a daily schedule. Based on the theory that good time management relies on adopting good habits, learners are offered a set of relevant habits to develop at each step.

Module Two: Making Powerful Presentations

  • How to connect with your audience
  • Have a clear structure
  • How to deliver the message
  • How to use excellent visuals
  • How to develop words and visual that are relevant

Module Three: Influencing Teams

Influencing in a group or a team is a multi-layered skill. To influence others effectively, you must take into account not one but many individual’s preferences and behavioural patterns as well as group dynamics.

5 CPTD Points

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Training Duration

2 Hours