Working and Managing Teams Remotely


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The course will aid in equipping individuals with the tools to work effectively from home. This online course offers three modules: Remote Working, Managing Remote Teams, and Influencing Teams. In addition to the three modules, the course provides a platform to assist those in management on how to influence their teams respectively, effectively and positively; so that the maximum benefit of all parties is gained whilst working remotely.

Module One: Remote Working

We begin with setting up the workspace to create an environment where you can complete your best work. We think about how to stay professional, plan your time, include routines, rituals and rewards throughout the day as well as making sure you switch off at the end of each day. We then move on to how effectively communicate and collaborate with others from a remote setting.

Module Two: Managing Remote Teams 

Working remotely and communicating virtually can make it difficult for a team to achieve high performance and indeed to even feel like working in a team. Managers are introduced to the virtual barriers to high performance and given some practical tips on how to use technology to overcome them. It’s broken into five sections focusing on cohesion, connectivity, cooperation, communication and culture. Each section has two major practical tips for managers.

Module Three: Influencing Teams

Influencing in a group or a team is a multi-layered skill. To influence others effectively, you must take into account not one but many individual’s preferences and behavioural patterns as well as group dynamics.

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