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How does the CPTD cycle work?

Principals and Vice Principals are currently in the fourth 3-year cycle which runs from January 2023 – December 2025

HOD’s are currently in their last year of their cycle: January 2024 – December 2026

For Combined & High School Teachers: January 2022 – December 2024

Remedial and Primary School Teachers, their current cycle is the same as Principals and Vice Principals: January 2023 – December 2025

What activities will qualify for Professional Development Points?

Teachers will have to earn their Professional Development (PD) points from three types of professional development activities

For a more detailed list, please visit:

Is CPTD compulsory?

Absolutely! Participation in professional development is mandatory.

Professional development is part of SACE’s Code of Professional Ethics for educators. All teachers commit themselves to observe the code. Section 7 of SACE Code of Professional Ethics states that an educator: ‘must keep abreast of educational developments.’

Moreover, all state-employed educators and many privately-employed educators are required to undertake professional development as part of their conditions of service. Principals, deputy principals and heads of department are required, as part of their duties and responsibilities, to help educators to develop professionally. Principals, deputy principals and heads of department are also required to develop themselves professionally.

What is e-learning?

E-learning (electronic learning) is education conducted by electronic media, which typically means using a computer and the internet to access material that can form part of an activity or training programme.

What does SACE endorsement mean?

Achieving SACE endorsement means that the relevant activity meets SACE’s requirements for “Fitness of Purpose.” This means that it:

• Aligns with identified system needs,
• Strengthens subject competence and professional practice
• Promotes professional commitment and system transformation

It is also deemed effective according to SACE’s requirements for “Fitness For Purpose.” This means that the respective outcomes are:

• Aligned with the overall purpose of the activity for the target audience and that the contents of the activity supports the achievement of the outcomes and that,
• The planned teaching and learning processes support the achievement of the outcomes and overall purposes and that,
• The assessment tasks are designed to enable members of the educational workforce to demonstrate achievement of the outcomes.

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What happens if teachers don’t reach the 150 points target?

Educators who refuse to participate in the CPTD Management System or defy it will be contravening Section 7 of SACE Code of Professional Ethics. This means educators could have their SACE registration refused and ultimately be unable to teach.

How do I get started with Get SACE Points and their online courses they offer?

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Will I get a certificate at the end of the three year cycle?

Yes, at the end of every three year cycle, a Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to each educator according to a three tier system:

150 points: Bronze Certificate of Achievement

151 – 300 points: Silver Certificate of Achievement

300+ points: Gold Certificate of Achievement

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